As I’m working on my Silverlight app and releasing it in the wild, I’m finding some cases that I would not normally deal with as a website developer.  The latest gotcha has been saving user settings.

So going back to my GiveCamp app idea… let’s say that I want to give the end user a way to set a default GiveCamp.  I would need that piece of information stored somewhere.  I figured Isolated Storage would be a great spot for saving the data.  However, Silverlight doesn’t support roaming profiles.  Normally, I wouldn’t be concerned about that; I remember the headaches of roaming profiles from when I worked IT and I would love to chalk it up as yet another issue with roaming profiles.  But there’s another part of me that wants to be able to save this data even if my end users are cursed with roaming profiles.

I’m sure I’m not the only Silverlight dev out there who’s run into this.  Are there others out there who have run into the roaming profiles issue?  If so, what have you done to make your app accessible to users bound by roaming profiles?