I have no problem identifying with being a geekette (as is obvious with my domain name). However, I do have a problem with one of the more recent geekette shirts to hit the public (this one courtesy of Telerik):

Most geekettes I know dress like a typical geek.  We like our hoodies and geek tees just as much as the guy geeks.  Places like ErrorWear ThinkGeek, and SnorgTees cater to geek wear for women very well.

Sure, some of us have our girly moments of dressing up in dresses or shirts and skirts.  However, most of us tend to try to blend in with the crowd.  We don’t like being singled out by our gender and like being able to compete with other devs without the gender factor being brought up.

Not all of us are hourglass figures, as depicted in this new Telerik design.  Not all of us like to show off our *ahem* assets *ahem* as depicted in this design.

A friend’s husband called this design “slutty”, and I can see where he got that from.  I am not a fan of this design, and I would not encourage others to wear it.

This makes me miss their older geekette shirts:

Geekettes from Ann Arbor GiveCamp 2008

Please, tools makers, keep making tools but don’t be tools who create geekette shirts without really thinking them through.