Over the past few months, I:

  • moved my kids to a new daycare, full-time
  • took over a remote Software Guild cohort mid-stream
  • went house hunting much earlier than anticipated
  • helped the company my husband works for in moving to a new location
  • purchased another house
  • took a full-time instructor position with the Software Guild
  • started teaching my first Java cohort
  • moved to a new house
  • spoke at a user group in July

And now we’re in the process of listing our old house.  So to say I’ve been busy is an understatement for sure.  As I was going through this process, I kept mentioning to my husband that the day would come probably in August when it would all hit me and I would fall apart.  I knew it was coming rapidly when I woke up on Tuesday morning and firmly decided that I was taking Wednesday and Thursday as days to disconnect.  I mentioned to my boss that I was disconnecting, and he’s completely supportive.  While I could tell my co-workers were concerned, they too are supportive.  They all gave me the permission to disconnect, encouraging me to take the time for me.

Disconnecting with Distractions

Yesterday was tough – as much as I wanted to check on my friends on Slack, Twitter and Facebook… as much as I wanted to read my email…  I knew that I needed to disconnect.  I don’t rest well, as many can tell you.  Thankfully, I found distractions in unpacking boxes, catching lunch with my husband, and then taking on an idea for a small web project.  I also found a lot of distraction in Terraria – lots of fun with that.


Reconnecting with Words

Today, I decided that I couldn’t be completely disconnected and that I needed to get past distractions and face all of the overwhelming feelings that have hit me.  This morning was more focused on a personal meeting, but this afternoon is all about reflecting on the feelings and putting them into words.

I’m thankful that I moved – the commute from the Cleveland area down to Akron was really cutting into family time, which was taking its toll on me.  Becoming an instructor has been quite rewarding – it’s been something we’ve all wanted, and the timing just happened to be right finally.  The part that I really underestimated was the transition back to work full-time.  Thankfully, I was going to work full-time with co-workers I had already been working with for awhile in an environment that I was already familiar with.   However, I hadn’t realized how bonds would change from me working part-time to being there full-time and from developer mentor (teaching assistant) to instructor.  Parsing all of this information is definitely overwhelming.


If I seem a bit shattered, overwhelmed, and disconnected, it’s because I finally hit the “oh my goodness, what did I just go through?!?” realization and am slowly working out of that haze.  Thank you to those who have reached out to me in concern – I am getting past this and am looking forward to getting out of this chaos and back into the community.