These are my thoughts currently…

  • The NASA Space Apps Challenge is on April 10-12.  It’s now about 2 months away, and we still have no idea what the challenges are.  Why is this unnerving?  How can I boost community involvement when I don’t have current data to work with?  I need to sell this thing with past years’ experiences. I hope the challenges that are posted can reel in more involvement.
  • The Stir Trek call for submissions is closing soon.  Soon enough we’ll have to vote on submissions, narrowing our suggestions to 5 per track from a group of 20-40 submissions per track.  Why does this seem so daunting each time?
  • For as many conferences as I’ve organized, I have very little to do with the hackathon (Space Apps challenge) other than community promotion.  But yet, this one weighs heavier on me than any other conference in the past.